Penis stretcher and how it works

Penis stretcher  – How Does It Actually Work?

Penis stretcher, or sometimes even called a penis extender, is very effective as it creates a certain force to gently enlarge the man’s tool. This procedure is known as traction. Some doctors say that you are stretching your penis, but it is actually more complex.

It is not only lengthening meant by the size correction. There are different kinds of male problems related to the size and shape of their manhood. Some men find it too small (some women of course too). Some men have the problem that their pride is not straight enough. One can say it is bent as a banana. This can be described as an illness called the Peyronie’s.

Penis stretcher is a device that you put on your penis and applying a small force on your tool it makes it longer and it straightens its curvatures. This is called a traction process. Traction can be very effective compared to other methods, but it is always helpful to know a bit more about the anatomy to be on the safe side.

Penis anatomyThe penis of a man consists of several parts. First one being the root part, then there is a shaft and the head. The tube connecting the bladder, the prostate and leading through the penis is called an urethra as you can see on the picture above.

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A soft tissue close to the urethra is called a spongy body, or spongiosum. Corpora cavernosa are two other very similar tissue areas that are around the two main veins that carry blood in to the penis. This is actually the biggest tissue providing blood for the penis during its erected state. That means they are responsible of keeping it big and strong during the most important moments. The amount of blood streaming through these veins define the penis size as well.

Hopefully you got the point now that penis is not a muscle that could get trained by exercise or other means of training.

Penis enlargement possibilities:

You could have heard that your penis is no muscle, but a spongy and soft tissue. This tissue has a consistence similar to a stomach. Why do we mention that? That means that you can’t improve its function and hardness just by doing exercise. This is what you can do to your muscles in the gym. There is works perfectly. So you should avoid the common ways some men try to go for:

  1. Surgery – nobody wants to have his body cut with the certain degree of risk, especially me, who is so afraid of doctors and when it comes to operation, I get a nausea..
  2. Exercise – we have just learned that our penis isn’t a muscle, so it can’t be trained as your biceps. Even though some guys use the right hand quite often, thinking it brings not only pleasure, but extends their penis at a certain degree, but it’s clearly a false hope.
  3. Vitamins and other food supplements – although providing an increase of the male hormones level, i.e. testosterone, thus making your erection harder. But, they won’t increase your size in any way. Your penis being pumped with more blood may look a bit bigger, but not longer, definitely.

Cancelling all the points above there is just last option left and that is the correct use of a penis stretcher.

penis stretcher device

But what does actually happen to your penis when subjecting it to certain periods of the traction force? At the very small, let’s say microscopic level the stretching process creates micro lacerations of the tissue cells. Those will then try to generate more tissue in that region and forces the penis to grow longer. The other effect of this process is that is produces higher blood circulation in the cells and blood vessels accumulate in this area. People trying this method recognize a longer and slightly wider penis and much better and harder erection.


The key to successful penis enlargement is a proper use of the right method. The whole process of the penile elongation is a step-by-step process which needs a lot of time and patience, but the result is worth being patient.

The use of a penis stretcher requires the use of up to 6 hours per day. A lot of producers of the devices recommend splitting these 6 hours into two parts – one being in the morning and the other in the evening. Sometimes users will have restrictions in their lives. They’re not able to provide the traction process sufficient time due to their work or family lives. But the effort of the proper use and sacrificing part of your comfort is definitely being worth it.

Having a longer penis with bigger width and girth and stronger and longer lasting erections is a dream. It might be coming true brought to you by your new friend – a penis stretcher 🙂

But as I already told you, one has to be very very careful and you have to choose wisely among the number of devices offered in the market. There are numerous websites trying to convince you that their “miracle” extender is the best one. Patiently read their statements through. Better spend few hours browsing the web, reading reviews (try avoiding the false ones) and joining forum discussion with people using certain branded penis stretchers already.  That might bring you to a result and will make you happy. Just buy and use it to reach your desired penis length.